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Our school is devoted to the mission of providing students with a wide range of opportunities to extend their learning, knowledge and confidence. Through our well-established exchange programmes and overseas study tours, we offer students rich experiences to broaden their horizons in authentic, international contexts.


Melbourne, Australia Tour 2018

Opportunities to explore outside classroom always instill greater cultural understanding, broader perspectives and personal awareness for students, allowing them to further develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Our school constantly provides students with equal opportunities to study overseas.

In August 2018, a group of 20 students joined a 7-day study tour to Melbourne, Australia. With the help of our English Language and Civic Education teachers, they successfully carried out a series of ecological, environmental and cultural studies. The participants, parents and organizers all gave a very positive feedback to the activities as students were able to use authentic English in their journey. Besides, the shared experiences create enduring links among students and staff during, and well after, the tours have ended. Most importantly, the whole journey of learning fostered their confidence, initiative and team cohesion that, as the week progressed, saw the students’ courage in trying new things beyond their personal comfort zones soar.






TWGHs Student Ambassador Programme

TWGHs Student Ambassador Programme aims to provide student representatives from Tung Wah secondary schools with opportunities to visit major cities in the world to learn about different cultures and nurture their leadership and communication skills.


Over the past years, students ambassadors have visited cities like Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, and this year they are going to Vancouver from 8th to 17 October. Our students Or Fan Yiu and Wai Yi Lok from 5A successfully got the recommendations and have been selected by the Tung Wah judging board to take part in the trip. They have attended a series of pre-tour training on leadership, communication and social skills for two months. Apart from broadening their horizons and learning English, they are also entitled to disseminating the educational and social mission of TWGHs.


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TWGHs Joint Secondary Schools Oxbridge English Camp in 2018

From 3rd July 2018 to 16th July 2018, nine of our S.3 to S.4 students attended the TWGHs Joint Secondary Schools Oxbridge English Camp in the Hong Kong Adventist College in Sai Kung. Our students were offered a comprehensive exposure to learning authentic English by interacting with the student-teachers from two pre-eminent universities in Britain – Oxford and Cambridge. There were a variety of activities provided for our students including drama, sports, language classroom, discussion and interview. This camp immersed our students in an English-speaking environment and boosted their English-learning skills. We witness students’ improvement in self-confidence, not only in using English, but also interacting with others from different countries.



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 中銀香港紫荊盃 2014-2015

6F 余藹殷同學獲得最佳女運動員獎 (男女校) 及傑出女運動員(沙灘排球)2個獎項。余同學在體育方面有相當出色的表現,是全能的體育精英。此獎項要求嚴謹,不但要求運動員在學界所有不同運動項目中皆有出色表現,更要求運動員具有領導才能,對學校及社會作出貢獻,全港每年僅有一名女子運動員可獲此殊榮。



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2015.5.26 NO.37